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We follow beyond organic and sustainable standards.

Who We Are

Dawnbreaker Farms is a beautiful 20 acre piece of land nestled in the gentle rolling hills of Orange County. Our pastures and woodlands are home to happy pasture-raised, non-GMO chickens, forest raised pigs, Thanksgiving turkeys and grass-fed lamb. All of our animals are raised on their natural diet and in an environment which allows them to express their animal nature. We follow beyond organic and sustainable (regenerative) standards using no chemicals, antibiotics or GMO’s because we believe that happy and healthy animals raised sustainably can heal the planet and keep our family, friends and community happy and healthy.

How We Started

How did a West Coast city kid from tech savvy Seattle end up as a meat farmer in the rural south? I’ve always been drawn to the environmental causes and the outdoors either gardening or hiking or simply sitting quietly under a tree. In my early twenties I was a typical millennial never thinking about where food came from eating primarily out of cans, boxes and packages. Then one day I came across Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”..

Our Moral Compass

  • ALWAYS practice sustainable/regenerative agriculture meaning that our land will improve with our daily rotations.
  • ALWAYS give our animals everything they need to be happy and healthy and live the way God intended them to live.
  • NEVER use antibiotics, chemicals or GMO’s.

Our Products

Pasture-Raised Chickens

Our Pasture-Raised Chickens are processed right here on the farm in our state inspected facility to ensure that they are handled with respect and dignity to the end.

Forest-Raised Pork

Our forest raised pigs forage for grasses, forbes, roots and are fed a 100% locally grown non-GMO ration. Our pigs are never fed antibiotics, hormones or any unnecessary medication.

Pasture Raised Duck

We raise Pekin ducks known for their rich flavor and tender meat. Find our pasture raised ducks for sale at area retailers, fine dining establishments and at our farmer’s market.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys are pasture-raised and GMO Free. They spend the entire season chasing grasshoppers, grazing our pastures and basking in the sunshine. Our non-GMO turkeys make a fantastic centerpiece to your holiday celebration.







Support Our Farm

Whether or not you buy anything from the farm today you can always support the Farm by doing your Amazon shopping at our Amazon Associate's page. It won't take you any extra time or cost anything to you but a portion of the sale will go to support the Farm, our family and our mission for a more sustain

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