Bulk Buying Options

Want to eat great pasture-raised and GMO Free meat but on a budget? Have a lot of mouths to feed? Just like a good deal? Our Bulk Buying Options are for you!! We offer 3 different bulk chicken options (called our Chicken CSA) and 2 bulk pork options. Sizes and pricing is available to fit every family and any budget.
Bulk Buy - Chicken CSABulk Buy - Whole/Half Hog

Chicken CSA

We offer three different Chicken CSA packages to meet the needs of every family and every budget.

How It Works:

  • Every CSA works the same – basically you pay up front for the amount of chicken you will eat for the entire year and for making that commitment to us we give you a discount.
  • A $200 deposit is due at sign up and then 25% of the remainder will be due at each of the four chicken CSA pick ups.
  • IMPORTANT*** CSA pick up dates will happen ON FARM directly after the birds are processed and packaged. They will be extremely fresh. 
  • The four pick up dates are listed below in the Chicken CSA FAQ.
  • Please note that the Chicken CSA is for whole chickens only.
  • Chicken CSA discount is not to be used with Credibles or other discounts.

FAQ – Chicken CSA

Is this the same quality of pasture-raised GMO-Free chicken that I've come to know and trust from Dawnbreaker Farms?

You bet! CSA Chickens come from the same non-GMO, free range chicken you’ve come to know and expect. You’ll get a discount over everyone else because you made the commitment to buy in bulk. Way to go, you!

What if I want to get all my pre-ordered chicken all at once?
Most people choose to space out their pick-ups throughout the year but if you’ve got the freezer space (or having a massive party) and want to get them all at once go for it! We only ask that you please communicate with us your intentions beforehand so that we can plan accordingly.
How much do I pay per pick up?
​At the time of registration you will pay a $200 deposit. After the deposit you will pay 25% of the remaining balance at each pick up. A Small CSA package will pay an estimated $36.40 per pick up, a Medium CSA package will pay an estimated $112/pick up and the Large package will pay an estimated $195.70. Please note that you are paying a per pound price and the actual weight of the chicken will vary. These prices are just estimates and will change somewhat depending on the actual chickens we have available and that you choose.
What if I only want chicken parts like breasts and thighs and don't want whole chickens?
That’s absolutely fine, too. The Chicken CSA probably isn’t best for you but we do have the Credibles program which may be a better fit for your needs. With Credibles you pre-pay for any of our pasture-raised GMO free products and in return you get extra bonus credits to use at the farmer’s market, buying clubs or on farm pruchases.
What are the four Chicken CSA pick up dates?
The four dates for the year are Monday May 20, Monday June 25, Monday September 10 and Monday October 22 between 6 and 8 pm.
How many chickens do I get per pick up?
At each of our four pick ups you will get 25% of your subscription’s chickens. So the small CSA will get four chickens per pick up, the Medium will get 8 chickens per pick up and the large will get 13 chickens per pick up.
How did you calculate the total for each CSA package? Doesn't every chicken have a unique weight?
Great question! It’s true. Every chicken weighs different. What we did is we took our average size of 4.5 lbs as the baseline. This means that the actual price at each pick up will vary depending on the size chicken that we have available and that you choose.
I already use Credibles. Can I combine by Credibles credits with the Chicken CSA?
No, although we want to provide you the best value and convenience we do also have to run a profitable business. If we allowed Credibles points to be used for the Chicken CSA we would be selling our chicken at a loss.
Gosh, your farm is really farm away. Can you just bring it to market for me?

We get it, we live out in the boonies. But no. The discount is given to members because they make the extra effort to come to the farm. Buying freshly processed chicken reduces our labor and handling costs and thus we are able to pass the savings onto you, the CSA member. If you really don’t want to drive but want to support the farm another way we suggest you participate in our Credibles program.

Why Sell Our Chickens For Less?

Good question! There are two main reasons. The first is out of necessity for us. Meat farming is a cash flow dance. We raise large-ish batches of animals at a time and have to pay all the costs that go along with them such as feed, processing, cold storage and purchasing the animals themselves. But we don’t sell of our meat at once and sometimes have to hold onto it for several months. So… we’ve got a cash flow bottle neck between the time that we put our meat in the freezer and the time it goes home to yours. The Chicken CSA is one way we can get cash at the beginning of the year to ease this bottle neck so we can focus on growing the best meat on the planet instead of worrying about whether or not we can pay the bills 🙂

Whole/Half Hog

Dawnbreaker Farms whole and half hog options are a great option for those wanting a good deal on our all natural, GMO-Free, forest raised pork.

How It Works:

  • You buy the whole or half hog and in return for the bulk purchase you get the meat at a great price.
  • Price is calculated by the animals’ live weight which is taken using the Butcher’s inspected scales. Average live weight for a pig is 300 lbs but each hog is unique and sometimes finished weights can be as high as 350 lbs. This will affect the price that you pay and the amount of meat that you yield.
  • For both the half and hog purchases a deposit of $200 is made to reserve your order. The remainder is paid when we drop the hog off at the slaughterhouse and get the final weight.
  • You coordinate with the butcher to get the meat cut to your custom specifications. We make ourselves very available to you during this process to make sure you get the pork cuts that you want.
  • The processing costs are additional to our fees and will be paid by you directly to the butcher.
  • Unless otherwise arranged the customer picks up the meat from the butcher. We will pick up and deliver the meat for you for a fee.
  • We use a locally owned, federally inspected Slaughterhouse that is Animal Welfare Approved. You can learn about Piedmont Custom Meats and see a price fee here.
  • By purchasing a whole hog from us you save on average 30% over our retail cuts!

FAQ – Whole/Half Hog

How much meat can I expect?

You should expect about 80-855 lbs of meat for a half hog and 150-160 lbs of meat for a whole hog.

How much freezer space will that take?

A half hog will take up about 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space which is roughly equivalent to the top section of a top/bottom combo fridge. A whole hog will take up about 7 cubic feet of freezer space and will require a small stand alone freezer or a section of a stand alone freezer. There are some fridge/freezer combinations that have quite large freezer compartments. We recommend finding your freezer specifications before bringing home the meat.

What kind of cuts can I expect from a half hog?
  • 10-12lbs of belly (for bacon or roasts)
  • 8-10 lbs of loin (boneless or bone-in chops or loin roasts)
  • 18-20lbs ham (ham steaks, fresh ham roasts, smoked ham roasts or ground into sausage)
  • 9-12 lbs of Boston Butt shoulder
  • 8-10 lbs picnic shoulder (roasts or ground into sausage)
  • 5-6lbs spare ribs (ribs! or ground into sausage)
  • 2-4 lbs of jowls (roasts, smoked into guanciale or ground for sausage)
  • 3-5 lbs of shank
  • 3-5lbs of soup bones (amazing and sadly overlooked part of the pig. Great for broth, stews or even to feed to the dog)
  • Odd cuts available (head, tails, heart, liver, kidney. Hey, it’s your pig and you paid for it. Might as well enjoy it from snout to tail)
  • Double the above for a whole hog
What if I don't want to drive all the way out to pick up my meat?
We are happy to arrange pick up and delivery to your door if you prefer. We charge $2/mile from the slaughterhouse facility to your door and back home to the farm. Given the distances involved in rural driving we recommend you pick it up yourself and save the money for more healthy meat!
How much does the butcher typically cost?

That totally depends on how you want your pork processed. Average price is going to be about $250 for a whole hog and half that for a half hog. If you end up getting a lot of the pig ground into linked sausages and smoking bellies, jowls, sausage and hams then expect to pay about $100 more. If you are a butcher yourself or aspire to be one you may get the hog back from the processor whole or cut into parts. You will save tremendously doing the butchering yourself and learn a great skill!

So all in all how much does pork from a half or whole hog cost?

The variable here is going to be processing. But, let’s assume you buy a whole hog and have average costs of butchering at $250. Total cost is going to be about $1,187.50 and average out to around $7.91/lb. That’s 30% off our retail pricing!

  • Purchase of live weight of hog: $1,125
  • Butcher Costs: $250
  • Total: $1,375 or about $8.60/lb.
What's so good about your pork?

First of all and most importantly our pigs are raised ethically and humanely in the woods where they have free range to roam, root, wallow, play and forage. We rotate the herd regularly so that they are always on fresh land and have access to plentiful forage. We supplement our pigs with restaurant scraps and non-gmo grain supplements. The diversity of foraged diets and inputs plus the incredible love and attention we give our pigs makes for the most flavorful and nutritious pork found anywhere. We know you’ll love our pork and our whole and half hog options. Please reserve your order here.

Our whole and half hog options connect you to the farmer, to the land and to the pig.

Please read our FAQ to learn more information about buying a whole and half hog.

Bulk Broth Bones

Love to make stock? Do you drink and use bone broth regularly? Like to make big batches at a time and freeze or can it? Always want chicken and pork bones on hand to make stock? If so than our bulk bone broth program is the right fit for you!

Here’s how it works:

Here’s How It Works:

  • Buy 10 or more lbs and receive 10% off our retail price.
  • Buy 20 or more lbs and receive 20% off our retail price.
  • Buy 30 or more lbs and receive 30% off our retail price.


Pricing and discounts apply to both chicken backs and pork neck bones and seasonally to turkey backs. Discounts do not apply to feet.

We really honor our relationships with our loyal customers and Bulk Buying  is a way we can give back to you all for helping us live out our dream of healing the land with our sustainably raised meat. In an age of agricultural disconnect this is a great opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship between farmer and eater. 

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