How To Buy

We make buying from Dawnbreaker Farms easy! We sell year-round at two Farmer’s Markets and have a buying club that delivers to neighborhoods across the Triangle Metropolitan neighborhood. You can also find our products at some of your favorite Triangle eateries.


Farmer's Market

Dawnbreaker Farms is present year round at the Saturday Carrboro Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s markets are a great way for customers to interact with farmers, ask questions about how their food was grown, and purchase from a wide variety of farmers producing across the spectrum of local food.

The Carrboro Farmer’s Markets
 open Saturday’s April-October 7-12 am and Saturday 9-12 from November-March.

Urban Delivery Program

Simply put a buying club is a group of people in a given location who purchase from a farm. There is no membership fees, no commitment and no minimum order. You order what you want, when you want it. We make monthly deliveries to Durham and drop off in central neighborhood locations.

Select Retailers

Our product is also available at select retailers throughout the Triangle. Our pasture-raised GMO-Free Chicken can be found at Farm to Home Market in Roxboro. Our non-GMO Forest Raised Pork can be purchased via a subscription program from Farm to Fork Meat Riot. Our product can also be found at two fine eateries in Hillsborough – Antonia’s and Panciuto.

On the Farm

We think that the very best way to purchase your food is to buy it at the source. Coming to the farm allows you to see the farm, get a tour, visit the animals. You can see firsthand how we raise your meat and what sets our product apart from the others. Dawnbreaker Farms has an open door policy meaning you can come to the farm anytime, day or night, to see how we do things. This is an example of our total transparency and stands in stark contrast to the closed doors of the industrial food system. We encourage current and prospective customers to visit us and get engaged with their food system.

If you have a restaurant, retail or CSA and are interested in carrying our product please contact us here.

Support Our Farm

Whether or not you buy anything from the farm today you can always support the Farm by doing your Amazon shopping at our Amazon Associate's page. It won't take you any extra time or cost anything to you but a portion of the sale will go to support the Farm, our family and our mission for a more sustain

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