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As a local farmer and son of small business owners I always prioritize my local businesses whenever possible. I’d much rather see my neighbors thrive than give money to a far away and rather aloof entity such as Amazon. Still, Amazon has it’s place in today’s world and many of the items listed here are not found in most local retail stores. So, when and if possible please support your local retailer but if you are going to shop on Amazon please do it through our Affiliate’s page. Remember “Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local”.


Amazon Items We Love

Since we are on the subject of Amazon shopping I’d like to share some of my favorite items. Yes, it’s cheesy publicity but I’m only posting here products that I use in my own home or on the farm. I’d recommend it to you in person or in my kitchen as well so I might as well publicize it here and earn a few bucks. If you purchase through these pasted links a few extra percentages of the sale goes directly to Dawnbreaker Farms. Thanks for your support!

Pilot G2 Roller Pens

I first discovered these pens at an old job and fell in love with them! They are now the only pens that I ever buy. They roll smoothly, never jam or dry up. They give you a dark clear gel ink that doesn’t smear. I can’t state enough how great these pens are. They come in a wide variety of colors from the standard blue and black to a more colorful pink, purple and green. I’m sure you’ll love these pens too!

The Ringer The Ringer

First item is something I use almost every day in my kitchen. For those like you that cook everything in cast iron pans this item is a must! It’s called the Ringer and it’s a little steel mesh cloth that looks like a small piece of chain link armor. It clears up any burns, sticking or grease in a jiffy and it doesn’t remove the cast iron’s seasoning! Whenever it gets grimy I simply throw it in the dishwasher and it comes out looking great. I’ve been using it regularly for 6 months now and it looks just as good as the day I bought it. Highly recommended!!

Stainless Steel Spatula with Walnut Handle

From America’s oldest knife manufacturer Dexter Russel comes this phenomenal stainless steel spatula with a solid walnut handle. I use this in combination with the Ringer to keep my cast iron in tip top shape. Most people, including myself, think they shouldn’t use metal spatulas on their cast iron. This perspective is actually totally wrong and using a metal spatula is actually beneficial to cast iron’s seasoning. It helps clear away gunk build up and maintains a smooth, even cooking surface. Learn more about cast iron maintenance here. I love this “pancake turner” and use it daily in my kitchen for everything from fried eggs to stir fries to steaks. Solid piece of construction

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